Welcome to the LinuxWolfPack!

Finally back at it again....I've had enough todo's stock piled up. I finally clued up a lot of side line work and had some free time to complete a lot of work on this site. Done a lot more tutorials and security how to's. Will be doing more gallery work soon as well....enjoy!!

Recent Articles

  • Making a End Fed Half Wave Antenna

    How to make a end fed half wave antenna using a 49:1 balun ...Check it out!

  • Programming Older Comercial Radios Using DosBOX

    Howto program older comercial radios using DOSBOX ...Check it out!

  • Homebrew 3d printable volt meter clock

    Making a clock with an arduino nano, real time clock, 3d pintable enclosure, and voltmeters ...Check it out!

  • Making a 9-1 balun with dual T157 torroids

    Making a 9-1 balun using dual T157 torroids with 3d printable enclosure ...Check it out!

  • Yaesu Homebrew FH-2 Remote Control

    Home Made Yaesu Remote Control Interface FH-2 with 3d printed case ...Check it out!

  • Dual Band Collinear antenna made from RG58

    A very simple easy to make 144 / 440 antenna from RG58 Coax ...Check it out!

  • NL VO1 SOTA Association Launched

    Happy Canada Day!!! what a perfect time to launch the VO1 Summits On The Air association ...Check it out!

  • 3d Print Design For A Hombrew Rigrunner

    A homebrew 3d printable model to allow one powerpole input and have 6 fused outputs...essentially a homebrew rig runner...Check it out!

  • FT-891 Manuals added

    Just put up the regular and advanced manual for the ft-891 ...Check it out!

  • Latest Deb Builds Of Common Ham Software

    My attempt to build latest source for top ham software (hamlib fldigi etc) into deb files ...Check it out!

  • TRRS To 3.5 / 2.5 Audio Jacks Adapter

    How to make a trrs to 3.5 / 2.5 audio jacks to allow you to use a handheld and phone for aprsdroid ...Check it out!

  • Linux Software For The Sark100 / Mini60

    How to install the Sark100 / Mini60 analyzer software in linux mint 18 ...Check it out!

  • 3d Print Dipole Center 2.0

    I made a new design for my printable dipole center ...Check it out!

  • Installing Latest WSJT-X On A Raspberry PI

    How to compile from source the latest WSJT-X for a raspberry pi ...Check it out!

  • Using A XLR Mic With Your Radio

    How to make a 1:1 transformer so you can use a XLR mic with your radio gear ...Check it out!

  • Installing FLRIG 1.3.27 In Linux Mint 18

    I compiled up flrig for linuxmint 18 and made a deb file, so you can install from the deb file instead of compiling from source ...Check it out!

  • How To Make A DEB File From Source Package

    A simple tutorial in how to build a package from source as well as make a DEB file from it...Check it out!

  • How To Make A Linux Mint 18 Repository Server

    A quick guide on how to install and sync up a repository server for linux mint 18 including both LM packages and ubuntu base packages...Check it out!

  • Installing FLDIGI and HamLib For FT-991 In Linux Mint 18

    A how to guide on installing the latest (as of this post) fldigi and hamlib in linux mint 18 using deb files instead of compiling from source ...Check it out!

  • Running FLDIGI With A FT-991 On Linux

    A how to guide on setting up the FT-991 FLDIGI and sound card on linux mint 17 ...Check it out!

  • How To Build HamLib & Fldigi On Linux Mint 17

    A guide on installing the latest hamlib and fldigi on linux mint 17 / ubuntu 14.04...Check it out!

  • Running FLDIGI With A FT-991 In Windows

    A how to guide on setting up drivers, FT-991 and FLDIGI for digital operations on windows ...Check it out!

  • Mounting Logical Volumes

    How to (in a debian based distro) mount and use a logical volume drive/partition...Check it out!

  • Yaesu ATAS-120 Manual Available

    Check out the documentation section of the hamradio page to view / download ...Check it out!

  • Building A DualBand Vertical J-Pole (ARROW) Antenna

    How to build a 144/440 dual band J-Pole vertical with no need for a ground plane ...Check it out!

  • Call Book Log 2.1 Released - bug fix

    I have patched my ham radio web based logging solution...Check it out!

  • Building A DualBand Vertical Antenna With Groundplane

    How to build a 144/440 dual band vertical with ground plane ...Check it out!

  • Ham-it-up converter + RTL-SDR dongle + OpenWebRX How To

    How to use ham-it-up converter and a RTL-SDR dongle with OpenWebRX to receive HF Signals ...Check it out!

  • Added FT-991 Manuals

    Added both the Wires-X and the standard operating manual to the documentation/information section ...Check it out!

  • Clearing Raid Status Before Linux Install-Installer Crashes

    Installer crashing on installing linux after it has previously been used in a raid enviroment ...Check it out!

  • Raspberry Pi RTC Installation

    How to install and configure a RTC (real time clock/hardware clock) in raspbian...Check it out!

  • Long wire Antenna With 9-1 Balun Made From T200-2 Torroid With 3D Printed Case

    How to construct a long wire antenna with a 9-1 balun using a T200-2 torroid core and a 3D printed case to house it in...Check it out!

  • 3D Model Of a SO-239 Connector

    3D model for a SO-239 chassis mount with both male and female models...Check it out!

  • 3D Model Of a Dipole Center Support

    3D model for a center dipole support with a place for an so-239 mount and a painters pole adapter...Check it out!

  • Added the MFJ-822 Manual

    Added the MFJ-822 manual to the documentation listing in case you need to do adjustments...Check it out!

  • Creating A Dual Band Vertical For 144-440

    How to create a dual band non ground plane antenna for 144 and 440...Check it out!

  • How to Make a 440 Mhz Delta Loop

    A how to guide on making a delta loop for the 440 Mhz band...Check it out!

  • How to Make a 4 element 440 Yagi

    A how to guide on dimensions and lengths to make a 440 4 element yagi...Check it out!

  • How to Make a Hentenna for 144Mhz / 2M

    A how to guide on how to make a 144Mhz / 2M hentenna...Check it out!

  • Raspberry Pi Sound Card (raspbian jessie)

    How to install and set up a usb sound card for the raspberry pi using raspbian jessie...Check it out!

  • Manipulate Virtualbox Via Command Line

    How to start, take a snapshot, restore a snapshot and list snapshots of a virtualbox VM via command line...Check it out!

  • Compiling Dark Ice On Rasbian

    How to compile and install darkice on raspbian to stream an audio source...Check it out!

  • How to Make a long wire antenna with a 9-1 balun

    A step by step guide on how to make a 9-1 balun and create a long wire antenna...Check it out!

  • Home Brew A Dummy Load

    A quick picture guide on making a 60 watt 50 Ohm dummy load...Check it out!

  • Using Command Line Email Client CONE With G-Mail

    How to install and configure CONE to use gmail...Check it out!

  • Command Line Video Editing-Boosting Audio

    How to via command line rotate boost a videos audio track...Check it out!

  • Command Line Video Editing-Rotate and Remove Audio

    How to via command line rotate and remove the audio track from a video file...Check it out!

  • Making your own 4pin 3.5mm conductor cable to for pi B+ and pi2

    How to make and connect your own 4 pin conductor cable to your pi...Check it out!

  • New Ham Radio Maps

    Added and updated maps for cq zone itu zone and grid squares...Check it out!

  • Brand New Logging Software Released ...Call Book Log 2.0

    Redesigned from the ground up...a fully featured web based (php mysql/maria db) ham radio logging solution...Check it out!

  • Check Hard Drive For Bad Spots

    How to check a hard drive for errors and mark them so the OS doesnt use it...Check it out!

  • Test Apache Web Server For Mod Proxy

    How to check to see if an apache server accepts modproxy attempts...Check it out!

  • How To Make A Indoor Shortened Vertical CB Radio Antenna

    How to build a indoor / apt antenna for CB radio, shorted for vertical placement...Check it out!

  • Installing a RaLink USB WiFi Dongle On Linux Mint

    How to install and configure a RaLink USB WiFi dongle...Check it out!

  • Installing a RaLink USB WiFi Dongle On a Raspberry Pi

    How to install and configure a pi to use a RaLink USB WiFi dongle and connect to your router...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Astron RS-12A

    Added a new manual / schematic for Astron RS-12A power supply...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Daiwa CN-460M

    Added a new manual / schematic for Daiwa CN-460M cross needle swr meter...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Radio Shack HTX-252

    Added a new manual / schematic for Radio Shack HTX-252 VHF mobile radio ...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Realistic Navaho TRC-458

    Added a new manual / schematic for Realistic Navaho TRC-458 CB radio ...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Realistic Pro-38

    Added a new manual / schematic for Realistic Pro-38 handheld scanner ...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Realistic Pro-2010

    Added a new manual / schematic for Realistic Pro-2010 base station scanner...Check it out!

  • Added Manual For Yaesu FT-2400H

    Added a new manuals / schematics for Yaesu FT-2400H...Check it out!

  • Decode and track aircraft using a raspberry pi and modesdeco2

    How to install modesdeco2 onto a raspberry pi and use it to track aircraft via ADS beconing...Check it out!

  • Check A Raspberry Pi FileSystem

    How to check the filesystem of a rasbian raspberry pi...Check it out!

  • Installing Dump1090

    How to install dump1090 to track aircraft via ADS-B beconing...Check it out!

  • How To Install RTL-SDR Driver

    How to install the RTL-SDR driver to turn usb tuner cards into a wide band receiver...Check it out!

  • Home Brewing A Morse Code Oscilator

    After a few buzzers didnt work out I decided to make my own oscilator...Check it out!

  • SSHuttle..The Poor Mans VPN

    How to use sshuttle to access a remote network like a vpn and direct all traffic through it...Check it out!

  • Installing And Optimizing Linux Mint 17 On A SSD

    How to get the most out of your linux mint 17 install if you have it on a ssd...Check it out!

  • Installing Nvidia Optimus / Hybrid Graphics In Linux Mint 17

    How to get your hybrid graphics card with Intel / Nvidia chip working in linux mint 17...Check it out!

  • How To Repair A MYSql Database

    Repairing MySQL Databases and tables...Check it out!

  • How To Move A MYSql Database

    Moving MySQL Databases to another folder / mount point...Check it out!

  • Installing And Configuring Samba / Samba4

    How to install and confifure samba to have a global and secured shared folder...Check it out!

  • Using IPRoute2 Commands

    An introduction to IP Route2, the sucessor of Nettools...Check it out!

  • Sony Xperia Ray Video Convert

    How to shrink and compress the video taken with the sony xperia ray as well as most other cell phones...Check it out!

  • Raspberry Pi Sound Card

    How to install and set up a usb sound card for the raspberry pi...Check it out!

  • Keeping your laptop running cool

    How to set up acpi and a script to keep your laptop from running too hot...Check it out!

  • 3D Printed Case For Pi And Screen

    3D model and pictures for a case to cover the PI with the adafruit tft screen...Check it out!

  • Install And Use a Touchscreen With A Raspberry PI

    How to assemble install and use a touchscreen on the raspberry pi...Check it out!

  • Raid - what It Is And Your Best Choice For Your Needs

    What is raid, the different types and how they differ ...Check it out!

  • Find Out System Temperatures Of A Raspberry Pi

    Keep an eye on your CPU and GPU temperature with this handy script ...Check it out!

  • Configuring The Raspberry Pi Network Card

    Setting a static ip address for the raspberry pi ...Check it out!

  • Raspberry Pi Section Added

    Have a look at the menu...raspberry pi section added ...Check it out!

  • Remote Power On / Off Systems

    How to remotely shutdown and power on linux and windows systems ...Check it out!

  • Install And Use Xastir APRS In Linux

    How to install and configure xastir to receive and send APRS data in linux ...Check it out!

  • Install And Configure Fail2Ban Active Log Analyzer

    How to install and configure fail2ban to keep your services protected ...Check it out!

  • Install A Local Linux Mint 13 Repository Server

    How to install and configure a local repository for linux mint 13 ...Check it out!

  • Install And Configure Fingerprint Reader

    How to install and configure a fingerprint reader ...Check it out!

  • Apache / PHP Hardening

    Add an extra layer of security to php and restrict what information apache gives out...Check it out!

  • Installing ModSecurity In Apache

    Add an extra layer of security to apache by installing and enabling ModSecurity...Check it out!

  • Port Scan Your System

    Help protect you system by knowing what services are open to the world/internet...Check it out!

  • Hardening And Securing SSH Server

    How best to secure and harden a SSH server...Check it out!

  • Prevent IP Spoofing

    A simple file edit and reboot to protect you from IP spoofing...Check it out!

  • Harden your network connection

    Using the sysctl.conf file to harden your network connection...Check it out!

  • Installing And Using Logwatch

    How to install and configure logwatch to monitor system logs...Check it out!

  • Scan Your System For Root Kits

    How to scan and look for root kits using chkrootkit and rkhunter...Check it out!

  • View System Temperatures And Control Fan Speed

    A guide and shell script on how to view system temperatures and control motherboard fans...Check it out!

  • Firewall Setup With IPTABLES

    Some code snippets to help you create a secure firewall for both incoming and outgoing connections...Check it out!

  • Linux Install On A SSD

    I modified the tweaking how to for SSD installations, added more information and cleaned it up a bit ...Check it out!

  • Installing A Hybrid Graphics Card(s)

    A How to guide showing you how to utilize and install a Nvidia hybrid graphics card in linux mint...Check it out!

  • Connecting to a WiFi network using command line

    Useful how to if you ever get stuck in a console only situation and need to connect to a wireless network...Check it out!

  • Building the WUSB600N Driver

    How to build the required modules to make the Cisco WUSB600N functional in linux...Check it out!

  • Editing the application menu in XFCE

    How to edit the XFCE menu to add custom applications...Check it out!

  • Installing Custom Java JRE/JDK

    How to install the latest and custom java runtimes...Check it out!

  • Fixing A Reboot Hang Problem

    How to fix a linux box that hangs on reboot...Check it out!

  • Cleaning Up Ram And Cache

    How to cleaning Up Ram, cache and swap space...Check it out!

  • Installing APC UPS

    How to install a managed APC UPS in linux...Check it out!

  • WW Daily Points Calculator

    Figured out how to do my daily points calculator...Check it out!

  • Realistic Pro-2036 Manual

    Added the Pro-2036 Manual to the download section...Check it out!

  • SSH DDos Brute Force Attacks

    Adding DDOS Brute Force Attack Protection To SSH...Check it out!

  • IP Route

    IPROUTE is now the replacement for the aging ifconfig learn the basics...Check it out!

  • Cobra Road Trip Manual

    Added the Cobra road trip manual to the download section...Check it out!

  • Webcam Security System

    Setting up A home security system with zoneminder...Check it out!

  • Programming A TG-UV2

    Step by step programming guide and set up...Check it out!

  • Unlocking TG-UV2

    Added more unlocking features to the TG-UV2...Check it out!

  • Detecting A Failed Drive

    How to check a hard drive and filesystem for errors...Check it out!

  • Streaming Webcam Via HTTP

    Stream your webcam over HTTP...Check it out!

  • Streaming Webcam Via HTTP

    Stream your webcam using MJPEG over HTTP...Check it out!

  • Using SSL for Cryptography

    Use SSL to Encrypt/Decrypt files and text...Check it out!

  • Use YUM In RedHAT Without A Subscription

    A guide to using DVD/ISO as a repository ...Check it out!

  • Updated Conky Script

    Ive added a new conky script to my collection a bit more extensive and elaborate ...Check it out!

  • Run Graphical Program As Another User

    How to run a graphical program as another user ...Check it out!

  • Nvidia LCD Brightness Fix

    How to fix the nvidia LCD brightness using function keys problem ...Check it out!

  • Windows Added

    Although primarily a linux user I am forced to use windows sometimes. So I thought I would add a section for some of the windows how to's ive been collecting over the past while...enjoy

  • Adding A Start Menu Icon For All Users

    How to place an icon in the start menu for all users ...Check it out!

  • SCP Without A Password

    Using SSH Keys to SCP without a password ...Check it out!

  • Tweak Windows For Usage With SSD

    How to utilize solid state drives with windows ...Check it out!

  • Backup MsSQL

    How to backup a MsSQL Database ...Check it out!

  • Optimize Windows 7

    How to tweak and optimize windows 7 for performance ...Check it out!

  • Using a TV Tuner as a Software Defined Radio

    How to install a TV Tuner SDR in Windows ...Check it out!

  • Using a TV Tuner as a Software Defined Radio

    How to install a TV Tuner SDR in Linux ...Check it out!

  • Updating Kernel Using DEBs

    Installing a kernel the easy way ...Check it out!

  • Linux Install On A SSD

    Tweaks to get the most out of your Linux SSD System ...Check it out!

  • Tweak / Optimize Linux Mint XFCE

    Guide to tweak Linux Mint XFCE ...Check it out!

  • Play BLU-RAY Movies In Linux

    A quick how to to get BLU-RAY movies to work in linux ...Check it out!

  • Binding Processes To Specific CPU Cores

    Restrict a process to use only specifc cores ...Check it out!

  • Splitting And Joining Files

    Split files into smaller chunks then join together ...Check it out!

  • Command CPU Priority

    Change a commands CPU priority using Nice and Renice ...Check it out!

  • Remote Squid Proxy Server

    How to set up a remote linux box as a proxy server for browsing ...Check it out!

  • Stopping Software From Upgrading

    Holding a software package stopping it from being upgraded ...Check it out!

  • Change Access To SSH Via Pam Module

    Using pam to filter access via host ip and domain ...Check it out!

  • Changing Default Boot In GRUB 2

    Changing the default boot item via name ...Check it out!

  • Using AlPine With Gmail

    How to get AlPine to work with gmail ...Check it out!

  • WinTV BT878 TV Tuner Card

    How to get the WinTV BT878 TV Tuner Card to work in linux ...Check it out!

  • File Permissions Using UMASK

    Tweaking file permissions using umask ...Check it out!

  • Creating A Ramdisk

    How to make a ramdisk and how to put it to use ...Check it out!

  • Firefox Tabs On Close

    Getting firefox to remember and reopen the tabs you had open before ...Check it out!

  • Flushing Memory

    How to clear your memory and flush your cache without rebooting ...Check it out!

  • Bash Tips & Tricks

    Tips and Tricks you can do with bash including a rough guide to make a gui script ...Check it out!

  • Site Fixed

    In the midst of doing a few more pages I noticed some links were broken....went through the site...all fixed :-)

  • SSH Configuration File Tweaks

    Tips and Tricks you can do with your SSH configuration file ...Check it out!

  • SSH Tunneling and Forwarding

    Tips and Tricks and cool things you can do with SSH port forwarding and tunneling...Check it out!

  • Make Thumbnails Programatically

    A script that will make thumbnails out of a folder of JPG images...Check it out!

  • Add Watermark To JPG Files

    A script that will overlay one image onto another...basically adding a watermark...Check it out!

  • Rename All Files In A Folder

    A script that will rename all files in a folder...Check it out!

  • Garmin GPS 60Cx

    Finally figured out how to use my garmin 60Cx with linux thought I'd share... Check it out!

  • What Process Is Using What Port

    Its usefull especially in diagnostics what process is on what port... Check it out!

  • Using a Linux Box as A Dial Up Server

    Dial up may be ancient in some areas of the world but its really nice to have the option of dialing into your box remotely... Check it out!

  • Bonding Ethernet Devices

    Joining ethernet devices together to boost your main network pipeline... Check it out!

  • SSH/SCP Without A Password

    Great quick tuturial showing how to login to a linux via ssh without a password... Check it out!

  • More Pictures Added

    A few more pictures added and FOUR panoramics :D check it out!!!

  • New Gallery

    Almost 50 new photos added.....check it out!!!

  • New Site Launched

    Finally new site launched....many attempts to get it finally done but I finally for my ass in gear and got it up and running.....A pile new material is on the way....will be updating whenever and where ever I can

  • New Manuals Added

    New manuals in the ham radio section