Newfoundland Ham Radio Swapshop

To add, edit or remove any information that is in the swap shop you may contact Loren VO1PWF through e-mail:

Email: v o 1 p w f @ g m a i l . c o m

The Swap Shop can be heard on HF each second Wednesday night after the NL and Labrador Net on 3740

Hams with QSL cards at the Bureau. These stations have no funds for mailing their cards out to them.
Numbers of cards are in brackets. Please follow the directions for the QSL Bureau in TCA or at the RAC web site.
I will hold them for a year then they will be put in recycling.
VO1ANJ (13)
VO1COD (72)
VO1FOX (10)
VO1HZ (5)
VO1LM (30)
VO1IRA (36)
VO1NO (3)
VO1VR (12)

Callsign : VO1OE/PWF
Name : Loren
For Sale or Wanted : FOR SALE & Wanted
Items :

For Sale:
Yaesu FT-991 all mode HF VHF UHF plus yaesu fusion ...may also include studio mic with foot pedal $1600.00

Heil Sound pro micro dual headset, preset for yaesu radios $80.00

SEC 1212 x 2 10amp power supplies $60.00

MFJ 941D manual tuner $80.00

Comet heavy duty lip mount with with so-239 mount $50.00

SWR/Power meter for 144/440
Arrow or other satelite antenna

Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 01-01-2019

Callsign : VO1FJS
Name : Fred
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Icom IC-735 in perfectly mint condition. Full output on all bands. Can be heard on the air nightly during the NL Evening Net @ 7:00NDT. Asking 500kcs
Phone : 709-573-7945
E-Mail : N/A
Date dd-mm-yy : 16-04-2019

Callsign : VO1HP
Name : Frank
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

1.) Bench Oscilloscope 20Mhz Dual Trace. Metermaster Model 6560. In excellent condition and is working all Ok with trace visible. With manual and test leads. From an estate sale for non-ham friend of mine. Ask: 100kcs
2) Radio Shack 4 channel Mike/Line Mixer Model 32-1106. In original box Ask: 20kcs
3.) DLink Wireless N Router Model DIR-615. In sealed box. Win 7 Win XP Ask: 20kcs
4) JW Millen Grid Dip Meter Model 90651. All coils and in Carry Case. Did you ever dip your can do it with this classic ! Ask 50kcs
5) Hammond Communications speaker Model 1408L Ask 20kcs
6) Creative E-MU 0202 Audio Interface USB 2.0 (i.e. an external Sound Card) Low noise unit preferred for digital modes like FT8. Drivers Work with Win XP & 7. May work with W10 on ur does on mine. I have used this unit extensively for SDR radio and digital modes. In original box. Ask 25kcs
7) Drake LowPass Filter Model TV-3300 Ask 5kcs
8) Netgear MVBR1210C Turbo Hub (Bell). Access wireless digital services on the Bell cell network. Quad Band/Needs external antenna and your own data plan. 4 Ethernet ports for devices. Application in cabin area without wired internet. I used it for a remote SDReciever. Includes power supply, vertical stand and ethernet cable. Ask 30kcs.
Phone : 709-682-7625
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 15-04-19

Callsign : VO1AX
Name : Mike
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Wanted the Heil AD1-Y connecting kit that connects the Heil Pro Micro Duel and other Heil headsets to the Yaesu 8 pin round.
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 10-04-2019

Callsign : VO1NC
Name : Barry Harris
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

1 ICOM IC-7410 $1200
1 ICOM IC-718 $500
LDG AT-1000 pro Auto Tuner with Meter $500
Rigblaster Advantage interface (NEW IN BOX) $240
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 26-02-2019


Callsign : VO1DR
Name : Scott Schillereff
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Wanted: Oscilloscope, 100 Mhz, dual channel, with test cables (like Tektronix 2235 or similar. Old school CRT display is fine. Wanting to troubleshoot and monitor homebrew HF equipment.
Phone : 709-730-3170
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 04-02-2019

Callsign : VO1???
Name : Tim Hiscock
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

ham radio receiver. Mid 60s . Multi elmac pmr 7. Not tested. Has all its tubes but no power supply or accessories
Phone : 709-744-6048
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 13-02-2019

Callsign : VO1LD
Name : Charlie Pierce
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

I need a 4.7k 1 watt 1 present resister if anyone has one. Phone me direct for pickup or mail to PO Box 81, Glenwood, NL. A0G 2K0
Phone : 709-697-4172
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 02-01-2019

Callsign :
Name :
For Sale or Wanted :
Items :

Phone :
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy :

Callsign : VO1DCY
Name : Darrell Young
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Handheld 2 meter transceiver, to transmit and receive on local repeaters.
Handheld radio scanner capable of picking up local frequencies VHF UHF
Phone : 709-730-4000
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 22-11-2018

Callsign : VO1PJG
Name : Paul Gosse
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

HY GAIN TH33 junior beam for 20 meters, 15 meters and 10 meters, with balum in excellent condition.
Picture available upon request
Phone : 709-690-6695
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 24-08-2019

Callsign : VO1FOX
Name : Aaron Abbott
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Am QSY to Nova Scotia and cannot afford to take my gear with me. Everything must go.
Ameritron AL811H. Works fine. Comes with 4 811A tubes. Brand new switches. 240v. $500.
Icom IC7200. I am first owner. Smoke free shack. 100W CW/SSB/RTTY 40W AM. Radio is in great shape, always cared for. $1100 obo
Drake TV3300 30MHZ 1000W low pass filter. $25.
MFJ 962D 1500W Roller inductor tuner. 1 year old. $400
Grundig 750 0.1-30, 88-136mhz RCVR. for parts. $5
Motorola radius VHF. 25W 16CH Can be programmed to fit your needs. $30
Motorola HT1000, VHF, Includes battery or charger. Includes antenna. $30.00
Yeasu FTM3207DR, 430-450mhz, FM and C4FM. 15,30,50w. $300
SAMLEX 80A power supply. 13.8VDC, rackmount. 80A cont, 100A peak. $375
Canadian Marconi speaker. Mono. Steel Case. $10
120VAC & 30ADC monitoring panel. $40
DAIWA CN101L. 1500W cross needle meter. 1.8-150MHZ. $80
MFJ 250, 1.5kw oil dummy load with extra oil. $70.00
various insulators $10
Brother HL-5370DW PRINTER $225
807 Tubes, 6 avalable. $30 EA
DELL computer monitor. VGA. $40
DELSEA 3s, 825-890MHZ, 6DBI gain, 50W. $20
Canadian Frequency Allocations chart, 26x40 inch. $10
Red and Green ships clock, homemade, analouge. $10
Prices are negotiable.
1: 1X Motorola HT1000, UHF, MODEL H01RDC9AA3BN. No battery or charger. Includes antenna. $40.00
2: 1X Motorola XPR6550, UHF-DMR, MODEL AAH55TDH9LA1AN. No Charger. Includes battery and antenna. $175.00
3: 1X Yeasu FT200, 80-15M HF. All tubes, In working order. REQUIRES A GOOD GROUND. Comes with matching speaker/power supply. $350.00
4: 1X Yeasu YD-844 Desk Mic, no connector on it. Works great and is very well maintained. $125.00
5: Various radio mounting brackets, multiple sizes. $5.00
6: 1X Baofeng UV5R rubber safety case, yellow. $5.00
7: 1X Milspec radio case, portable. $5.00
8: 1x Milspec radio case, APB03, HF. $10.00
9: Lot of QST'S. 1972-1974. $2.50 EA
10: ARRL Repeater Directory, 2016-2017. $5.00
11: Various meters. (Make Offer)
a: 0-10 volts ac, -20 to +2 DB SINAD
b: 0-40 volts ac, 0-200 milliampers
c: S meter, Small, 2in X 2in
d: SWR analoge panel meter, small, 2in X 2in
e: Drive Meter, NO SCALE
f: Level Meter, NO SCALE
12: 12VDC 40A Relay. (Make Offer)
13: Funcube Dongle Pro SDR. $10.00
14: Various lamps and bulbs. (Make Offer)
15: 6X 30A 120V Glass Fuses. $10.00
16: Various Mic Connectors. (Make Offer)
a: 4X 4 Pin Female
b: 2X 4 Pin Male
c: 5X 5 Pin Female
d: 1X 8 Pin RJ45 Style for yeasu vhf/uhf radios
17: Lot of 43 BNC chassis mount connectors. $1.00 EA.
18: Lot of 10 UHF chassis mount connectors. $1.00 EA.
19: Lot of 3 N style connectors. $1.50 EA.
20: Tubes. (Make Offer) a: 12AV6
b: EF89
c: EBC91
d: 12BA6
e: 5005
21: Various knobs (Make Offer)
22: Various capacitors. Enquire with value and amount needed. (Make Offer)
23: Various resistors. Enquire with value and amount needed. (Make Offer)
24: BNC jumpers, various lenghts. (Make Offer)
25: 6X Inline fuse holders. $1.00 EA
26: Weller 25W Soldering pen. $15.00
26: Assorted old VHF marine mics. (Make Offer) a: Standard HZ CMP346
b: Ray Jefferson
c: Standard HZ CMP567
d: West Marine.
27: Assorted old CB mics. (Make Offer)
a: FMX-75
b: Planet CB
c: Cardon
d: Midland 5000HM
e: Cobra Highgear
f: Radioshack 1Kohm
g: Radioshack 21-1172
h: Syscomms DY7B
i: Realistic 500ohm
j: Baofeng spkr/mic
k: Cobra Highgear M73
l: lorad
These mics were taken from the estate of a CB op. I have no info on these mics besides whats been provided.
Feel free to call at anytime regarding these items.
Phone : 709-986-4885
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 27-08-2018

Callsign : VO1MDS
Name : Darrell Steele
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Paccomm tiny2 Original factory ROM chip or some one out there that can burn off a copy of the ROM Chip for me.
I will even take a busted Tiny2 if you have one and take a chance on it.
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 20-08-2018

Callsign : VO1GA
Name : John Butler
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Remote rig control boxes from Remoting.Com model RRC1258MKII for the Kenwood TS480SAT and other units. These units allow remote operation of your rig over the internet. See YouTube video of operation with the Kenwood TS480SAT. $500
Phone : 709-746-5827
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 19-07-2018

Callsign : VO1ZAP
Name :
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

For sale, one FTM-100DR. Radio has latest firmware available at this time. Summer 2018 this radio will be able to direct connect to a computer and access wires-X. In the box with all manuals and cables. $400
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 14-06-2018

Callsign : VO1LTB
Name : lloyd burton
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

I have aluminum tower(s) for sale. They are presently in 20 ft lengths (two 10 ft lengths joined). I have 4 of these lengths (80ft). They would be better installed as two 40 ft towers because they would then have the bases and tops for both. They are square towers 14 inches per side. No trouble for a person to carry a 20 ft length. Stays and anchor rods included. Valued at $3400, selling for $2400
Used them in St. Anthony for multi-band use, but didn’t put them up here in Irishtown.
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 07-06-2018

Callsign : VO1YN
Name : norm denty
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

looking for an element slug, 2-30 MHz 100 watts for a Bird 43 Wattmeter
Phone : 709 832 4597
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 19-03-18

Callsign : VE3OP
Name : Craig Delmage
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Looking for the following in nice condition:
Kenwood Twins “D” series, or Kenwood R-599D on its own. Also looking for the connecting cable.
Kenwood TS-900 HF transceiver
Yaesu FT-101F transceiver
Phone : 613-796-3636
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 22-01-18

Callsign : VO1CT
Name : Wayne
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale / Wanted
Items :

for sale or trade a complete ft 101-b trance I've with the phone patch external vfo digital display and the scope
Wanted a Microphone for a Icom 281-H the Number is HM-77 A, HM-78 or the HM 79
Phone : 709-227-4232
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 07-11-17

Callsign : VO1GA
Name : John Jean Butler
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Marconi R1155 receiver and HF solid state transceiver, 100w, capable of remote control operation.
Phone : 709-746-5827
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 29-10-17

Callsign : VO1DO
Name : Grayson Feltham
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

One Gentner 3 19" rack mount telephone interface $125.00 ono.
For Sale...One Realistic 2011 scanner 25.oo kcs
Wanted....Icom IC-2000 vhf transceiver or similar with vhf receive down to the 118 mhz range
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 23-04-2019

Callsign : VO1TY
Name : Tom Warren
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Kenwood phone patch PC-1A $50
Astron RS-10A 7/10 Amp 12 volt supply $70
Contact Tom Vo1ty 7454264 sorry pickup only
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 17-07-17

Callsign : VO1RA
Name : Ed Andrews
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

1. MFJ-931 Artificial Ground ($75)
2. Drake TV-1000 Low Pass Filter ($25) (have 2)
4. Santec HT-1200 2 meter portable transceiver (have battery but battery may not hold charge. Good for base unit with 9 VDC wall rat) ($35)
5. 2 meter 60 watt amplifier with massive heat sink (commercial grade) ($100)
Phone : (709) 634-1671
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 24-04-17

Callsign : VO1XT
Name : David Butler
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

Wanted: Ham IV or Tailtwister Rotor. Must be in working condition.
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 28-11-17

Callsign : VO1XY
Name : Carl Hodder
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted / For Sale
Items :

Win95/Win XP/MS-DOS software for the Optoelectronics Communications receiver, OS456 or OS535 computer control board for Radio Shack Scanners. Examples are software made are ScanStar, Radio Max, ScannerWear for Windows, CCC-ScanSys by Colonie Computech Corp, SimpleScan by Keith McQueen or Radio Manager for Windows. Especially looking for Trunking software (Trunktrac 6.0, Trakkstar or E-Trak) for this Radio or PRO-2006/PRO-2035 scanner. This software is from the late 90's or early 2000's and not common to find especially where it's so old now and most software companies are no longer in business.
WiNRADiO Trunking Option software for the 1000/1500/3000 Series receivers
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 30-12-2017

Callsign : VE1TA
Name : Tom
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Marconi 2955 Communications Test Set
Marconi 2955 Communications test set for sale , Complete with 600 ohm interface & power head 25-1000 MHZ.
Phone : 902-624-8931
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 17-10-16

Callsign : VO1SA
Name : Rick Burke
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Kenwood TS-130S & VFO-120 with connecting cable. Excellent condition.
Power Supply PS-53, Power cord, Microphone, and Manuals. Pictures available.
Comet Antenna - Model CA-2x4SR. VHF/UHF Dual Bander, with mag mount. Both new and never used. Call for more information.
Hustler 2 meter antenna on mag mount. New - never used. Call for more info.
Heathkit HD-15 RF Hybrid Phone Patch with Manual. $50.
Foot Switch for HF Radio. $15
1 – SELFIX Power & SWR Meter No. 6702. $20
Pictures available on all. All items are negotiable.
Phone : 709-576-1430
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 10-07-2018

Callsign : VO1KC
Name : Derek M
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

One only Kenwood Model LF-30A Low Pass Filter for Amateur HF Bands.60KC
One homemade 1000 watt dummy load 10KC
Phone : 709-364-6129
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 26-02-16

Callsign : vo1um
Name : Eddie
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

4 kam all mode boxes and one pk 232 box selling each for 75 bucks. good rigs if you want get back and rebuild the packet link that we lost so many years ago. all controllers are in working order
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 03-12-15

Callsign : VE9GWM
Name : graham
For Sale or Wanted : Wanted
Items :

mic for a icom 720a
Phone : 506-321-1435
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 01-01-15

Callsign : VO1PW
Name : Robert Babb
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

I have a three element triband Gem Quad in excellent condition for sale
looking for $400 for it. Included with it is an antenna switch box, (so you can use just one coax).
Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 14-10-14

Callsign : VE1APE
Name : Allan Chiasson
For Sale or Wanted : For Sale
Items :

Sinclair VHF 4 cavity Reslock Duplexer $400 Kcs
Sinclair Ferrite Isolator $100 Kcs
NEW Sinclair Commercial Repeater Antenna 4 bay SD224 6/9 dBd gain VHF antenna. ordered for 146Mhz $500 Kcs
Yaesu FT726 has satellite module and 2 meter and 432 modules, mic and manual $600 Kcs
Kenwood TS 820S HF rig 160 through 10 Meters $400 Kcs
Kenwood TR-7800 VHF Mobile. $75 Kcs
Icom IC-228H 45 Watt VHF Mobile $125 Kcs
APRS Node and radio MFJ 1276 TNC running UIDIGI Firmware and Uniden Force VHF Radio $200 Kcs
KenPro (Yaesu) rotor thrust bearing. $75 Kcs
TPL VHF Amplifier 10 Watts in 100 Watts out Note ! this is NOT an all mode amplifier and does not have an RX preamp $100 Kcs
Specific Electronics 3.3, 5, 7.33, 10, 14.6, 15 Mhz Standard Frequency WWV Receiver Mod WVTR $100 Kcs

The following are available for the Vintage Heathkit Collector all items are in excellent condition with original paint, no holes drilled in the cases,or defaced in any way

Heathkit HD-15 Phone Patch. $50 Kcs
Heathkit HM 2102 VHF SWR/Watt Meter. $50 Kcs

Phone : N/A
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 02-08-14

Callsign : VO1KJM
Name : Kenny Murray
For Sale or Wanted : STOLEN EQUIPMENT
Items :

There was a theft of various boxes of equipment from the home family residence of Kenny VO1KJM in Bristols hope Newfoundland. Several Yaesu HT 101's FT60 and others including newer baofeng ub5 Various TNC controllers KAM all mode, Kam Kpc3, MFJ120BTNC2 , 10m 2600 2510 & lincon Export various 10A and 20A powersupplies camcorders and photographic equipment these items were in various labeled boxes in a storage shed it is unknown the time the items were stolen as the family does not understand the nature of the equipment It appears that either some of the boxes were stolen also other boxes of items were damaged.

a reward is offered in relation to the incident.

also, back a couple of summers ago i had provided one of the newer hams with a Kenwood TS140 I would like to have this radio returned.

Phone :
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy : 11-01-14

Callsign :
Name :
For Sale or Wanted :
Items :

Phone :
E-Mail :
Date dd-mm-yy :