WINDRM Digital Software

Windrm is software that allows digital audio and fast data transfews over HF SSB and I believe any frequency although I have only tried HF

Its a pretty neat program, and with soo many options and add ons I figgured I would do a simpler way of operating. First download and unzip windrm zip file and download Irfanview

Follow the next few steps to have the program fully up and running. Irfanview is a neat free program that allows viewing of jpeg 2000 files and will help out greatly when doing sstv work

-install irfanview

-install irfanview plugins (after this step in the irfanview preferences-extensiosn make sure jp2 is selected, any time windrm deals with jp2 files irfanview will automaticlly handle them

-in the windrm folder make a desktop / menu icon for it (right click and drag it to the desktop and then selecting "create shortcut here" from the menu that comes up)

-open windrm from the shortcut you just created and under the setup menu, select the PTT port for your interface. Enter your callsign as well. You can try the different options and one I find good is the watterfall display rather than a scope, I find it helps in looking at signals especially if your used to psk/rtty.

-Close and reopen windrm to save the settings and make sure they took

From there try and explore. There are a lot of options and ways of using the program. Experiment and have fun, thats what ham radio is all about