HomeMade Y-ACC Cable

The Y-ACC Cable allows owners of LDG tuners (some models) to auto tune with one button to a ft-817, ft-857(d) and possible others. Without it you have to key up the radio provide modulation or a tone then hit the tune button on the tuner, let it tune then unkey the transmitter. With this cable hooked up all you need to do it hold in the tune key for 1 second then release. The radio automatically transmits sends a tone, tuner tunes then returns radio to receive for normal operations.

The price of this cable is down right bad for the wallet. All it is, is a stero audio cable rewired. Follow the above diagram to wire it up properly. Quick and simple I made mine in less than 5 minutes and it makes life sooo much easier especially if your like me and have a g5rv antenna and have to tune a lot to get around the bands.